Issue #67 – Teaching Preschoolers Piano

In This Issue Practicing Scales: Bane or Boon; Fun or Fuggedaboudit Historically, piano students don’t want to practice scales. That’s not surprising – the payoff is too far down the road. What’s the point?! Well, the ultimate point of all of this is fun and involvement, right? So let’s turn student 10-minute home scale practice […]

Issue #66 – Teaching Jazz Improvisation

In This Issue Why Improvise? This month, Paul Sweet (on the cover) shares some new ideas on how he likes to introduce improvisation to his students in the cover story, Why Improvise? Anyone who has read this magazine for any length of time knows I love to introduce improv to my students as soon as […]

Issue #65 – Piano Teaching Learning Styles

In This Issue Meet Hannah Lussier This month, you can Meet Hannah Lussier, a Canadian teacher/composer who recently joined Premier Piano. I think you will find her story interesting, definitely a case of asking turning into new opportunities. The Blues: Nine Heads Are Better Than One Michael Katz has more blues related ideas as he […]