Issue #67 – Teaching Preschoolers Piano

In This Issue

Practicing Scales: Bane or Boon; Fun or Fuggedaboudit

Historically, piano students don’t want to practice scales. That’s not surprising – the payoff is too far down the road. What’s the point?! Well, the ultimate point of all of this is fun and involvement, right? So let’s turn student 10-minute home scale practice sessions into ear-bolstering, thought-provoking, music-making sessions.

Teaching Preschoolers – 5 Foundational Differences

If you aren’t already familiar with the work of Nicola Cantan, you will not only want to read this article, but also check out her books and website – because she has great ideas on far more than just teaching preschoolers!

A Case for Flexibility in the Studio

Then I will share with you my ideas concerning flexibility in the studio whenit comes to make-ups. While some feel it is better to have firm policies in place with clearly defined rules when it comes to make up lessons, I have had an extremely flexible policy in my studio – and for a very particular reason that my parents appreciate. Learn more when you read A Case for Flexibility in the Studio.

How Can I Find Homeschool Students for My Studio?

Finally, I address a topic that I don’t think has been addressed in this magazine (or maybe it was addressed one time) and that is finding and working with homeschooled students. Not only did I homeschool my son from kindergarten through high school, I have also taught at 3 different homeschool co-ops in my community and have a studio that is nearly all homeschool students. So I thought I would share my experiences. Read How Can I Find Homeschool Students for My Studio? if you want to learn more about working with this population.

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